JR Reid and Brad McCamus made a serendipitous connection when they first met at a farmer's market in Toronto. The passion the McCamus family share for its farm, family, tradition, and Ontario maple syrup was immediately obvious. This was met with a shared passion from JR for all things real, honest, and pure.

Out of this first chance encounter, a new collaboration and friendship was born. This is the second episode in the Make Love short documentary video series about independent artists and artisans making a living doing what they love.

Featured Collection

McCamus Family Production Practices


All of our maple syrup and maple products are made of 100% PURE Ontario Maple Syrup.  We gather the sap from our pesticide, herbicide, and fertilizer free old growth maple forest.  Our tapping practices are sustainable! We tap our trees with the smallest and least invasive tap hole in the industry.  We tap trees that are only 12 " or greater in diameter. 

We collect our sap with a food grade pipeline system. This enables us to gather and process sap runs in a timely manner. The pipeline also creates an environment that has minimal impact on the forest ecosystems, creating less traffic on the forest floor.   

Our sap is then processed into maple syrup using an environmentally friendly high efficiency wood evaporator. The majority of the wood we burn is gathered from the forest floor which is a carbon neutral practice. This is provided through the forests natural life cycle.  All the pans and equipment we use in our operation are stainless steel and lead free, qualified for food production.

Once the maple syrup is boiled to the correct density, it is filtered using natural cloth filters, then bottled at 180F or hotter which ensures a stable high quality product until opened by the consumer. 


Upcommig Farmers Markets

Summer Markets May - Oct - every week 8am-2pm
Tuesdays - Sick Kids Hospital Market
Wednesday - Nathan Philips Square Market
Thursday - Metro Hall Market
Winter Markets Nov - April
Sick kids Hospital Every other Tuesday


Awards and Announcements


The McCamus family is so excited to share with you that we've entered our fine products in the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto.

We were so proud to hear the news that we received a score of 100 out of 100 and received numerous awards including C.P. Corbett Trophy - Highest Point Total & Premier Exhibitor Trophy.